Expert Guidance and Support

What I do~

I provide caring support and evidence-based, practical information to clients. The online resources section of this website is a comprehensive guide on nutrition for mast cell activation and histamine intolerance - saving clients from many hours of confusing, frustrating research. I also offer private video conference appointments to clients throughout the world.

Who I am~

I am the nutrition expert for the medical advisory board of Mastocytosis Canada. I’ve gained this expertise over the last twenty-five years through postgraduate studies, nutrition counselling, resource development and university teaching. Learn more about my background.

Why consult a dietitian~

Nutrition counselling is offered by a variety of people using different titles. Registered dietitian is the only title that is regulated by a college. In Canada, a registered dietitian must complete a four year undergraduate degree at an accredited university, an internship program (usually one year) and college exams. The college investigates any concerns that are reported about a dietitian’s practice.
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